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Depurdent für weiße Zähne Toothpaste for white teeth

Depurdent für weiße Zähne
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When to use:

If you lose your own natural color of the teeth by age, race, and the use of nicotine, coffee, tea, etc., where a lot of plaque and stains are formed on the teeth. Have changed the teeth, root canal treatment and gray. Also note the use of drugs or diseases, a change in the color of the teeth.


In teeth with hard or soft plaque, thereby dull and dirty

If dead teeth, root canal treatment

For discolored teeth due to long term illness

For discolored teeth with drugs.

What does DEPURDENT ® toothpaste?
If you every week 2-3 times Depurdent toothpaste, you will get some time beautiful white teeth, ie, the same white color as your teeth.

Brushing alone is not enough!

Cleaning the teeth with a toothbrush, toothpaste and regular interdental cleaning of the teeth is necessary for superficial dental care and cleaning. But this is not the color on the outside of the teeth to prevent everyday care. External stains (eg nicotine, coffee, tea and other reversible stains) can be removed by cleaning and polishing toothpaste DEPURDENT ® since this product has excellent cleaning properties (RDA factor of 195). Many people love recognizable clean, breathtaking natural color of the teeth!


Pumice (abrasive) glycerin (humectant), silicon (defoamers), titanium dioxide (responsible for the optical properties such as whiteness), salt (preservative), limonene (taste).

Finally, if you want to fully consider the above texts "on smiling", then take a look at our product for white teeth Depurdent.
A safe way to get white teeth because it contains NO hydrogen peroxide but the active ingredient is natural pumice. 2 to 3 times a week brushing with Depurdent get your own wiite color of your teeth again. Depurdent Mouthwash is 2 - to 3 times per day was used to support the Toothpaste and also to keep a fresh breath.
And as the British and Americans say DEPURDENT FOR DAZZLING WHITE TEETH!!

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