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Kanji-Kenko Detoxpflaster 12 pieces

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Keep the bandage on too far out of reach of children. Only for external use. Not on sensitive skin. If you are unsure whether the symptoms have, always consult your doctor.

You can Kanji Kenko Detox patches without a prescription or prescription Buy store in the pharmacy or health food and also on this web shop.

Why detox?

Scientifically proven that every person about 500 grams of waste in the body, so that to a natural way the body. Thus, acidification of the body so that the body creates so strong that physical and even psychological problems. Acidification leads to an overreaction of the immune system.

Why a foot patch?

The sole under the foot, where most of the nerve endings. To use, so the easiest and quickest results can be achieved. Detox Patches on this website for the natural ingredients in the detox patches of Kanji Kenko detoxify by stimulating the acupuncture points going into the soles of many organs.


For best results: goodnight patches and night to leave on his feet.

  1. First, wash the feet or on foot.
  2. Remove the patch from the packaging and place the bag of active herbs gently in the middle of the patch
  3. Applying patch + bag in the middle of the foot and gently press to ensure that the patch is applied. Repeat (see notes on the drawings) this process for the other foot
  4. Treatment: from day 1 / to 6 days and left - on the right foot as Kanji Kenko cleaning paste
  5. If the combination patch + bag ready to go as usual to bed. The patches work best when they in the same place 6-8 hours average
  6. The operation of the Kanji Kenko Detox Patches win improves socks patches.
  7. In the morning, remove the old patch. It is best to not touch the place of the black spot, because they contain harmful substances. Clean your feet carefully.
  8. When using the black spots in the morning even after six days or until brown, it is advisable to repeat the treatment again. Apparently there is still a body treatment, because the body weight more than the average. This also means that the average life can be improved.
  9. Repeat the treatment after 3 or 4 months.

For several years, the detox foot patches are being increasingly used by many consumers. This product is originally from Japan, where researchers will be able, herbs from trees occupied extract almost 30 years, and thus an effective detoxification - ontzuringsproduct and brought to market. And that is necessary, because we have (which is scientifically proven), about 500 grams of substances in our body that we do not stop. In a normal way, this will resource and then the foot patch, require the ideal solution.
Before going to bed, white plaster + sachet of spices under the foot (read the manual) and then goes to sleep very well. In the morning the patches away with the bag herbal foot pocket is black, black is the wrong substances from your body.

KANJI KENKO TRY AGAIN! See the test box with 2 patches and standard product with 12 patches (6 days x 2 meters).
I'm very interested in your experiences.

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