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SaltPipe Mini SaltPipe with halite salt

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Everyone struggles from time to time cause the following common diseases as well as the great inconvenience: cold, cough, nasal congestion, bronchitis, flu, runny nose, allergies or asthma. Nowadays, there are many treatments to reduce or treat those symptoms. Fortunately, there is now a natural remedy that brings relief: natural rock salt halite. Treatment with this ancient type of salt brings fast relief and could also play a significant preventative role. The beneficial effects of rock salt for the respiratory system is already known for centuries, but was recently demonstrated anew via clinical studies and well-documented medical experiences. The secret of this rock salt: the very young, salt Parts transmitted through the air, when inhaled, purify and restore the respiratory system. The halite salt, not only present in the mini salt pipe, but also in porcelain salt tube (adult) and in Solefant (for children) has been carefully selected in the most famous and wholesome salt caves of Europe. Thus, the condition of the patient improved tremendously with respiratory problems.

Instructions Place the mini salt pipe with the original halite salt in your mouth and inhale. Exhale through the nose. You can breathe normally, no extra effort. In acute cases, we strongly recommend the mini salt tube daily 15-25 minutes of use (3-4 times, 4-5 minutes each time). Once the cleaning process has begun, the excessive mucus may leave the respiratory system schnäuzten by coughing and nose. Inhalation of halite salt crystals caused a purification process in the mucosa of the respiratory system and supports the body in natural cleansing process. The halite salt also makes sure that germs and viruses are eliminated. Recent studies have demonstrated that the halite salt would have a balanced effect on the immune system. Recommended by the National Federation of Hungarian pharmacists.
Ingredients: halite salt NaCl: 99.20%; CaSO4: 0.40% MgCl2: 0.08% CaCl2: 0.08% Fe2O3: 0.001%
After the opening of the product can be used 3-6 months depending on the.
Cleaning: Only clean the outside with a damp cloth. Store in a dry place.

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