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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

General conditions of sale and direct health. de

Article 1 Terms and Conditions
1.1 The following general terms and conditions hereinafter
, are applied to all agreements, offers and orders
Direct-Gesundheit.de, hereafter called Direct health.
1.2 In these conditions, the firm Direct Health as, sellers' and
the other party 'as indicated, buyers.
1.3 Deviations from the terms are binding only if in writing
have been confirmed by direct health. The other conditions
remain in effect.
1.4 By placing an order, the buyer makes or accepts an offer,
Buyer accepts these conditions simultaneously.
1.5 Direct Health may use third parties for the execution of the order,
then the conditions shall continue to apply.

Article 2 Bids / deliveries
2.1 All offers are without obligation, unless expressly in writing
otherwise been agreed and they apply only while supplies
2.2 The part, while stocks last 'as well as mentioned in 2.1, is not applicable
on which a written offer validity is mentioned.
2.3 Offers are unique (at least 2 times) and are without the written
Approval of seller not more than 2 orders.
2.4 The seller can not be held responsible for his bids or offers
be, if the buyer can reasonably understand that the
Bids or offers, or a portion thereof, a clear mistake or
contains a typo.
2.5 A quotation shall not compiled seller is a
Part of the order against a corresponding part of the price from to
2.6 The acceptance of an offer, or placing an order means
that the seller agrees with the application of these Terms and Conditions

Article 3 Agreement
3.1 Direct Health can reject the appointment of any purchaser or
ordering inflict certain conditions. Direct health is the
the buyer within 10 days of ordering communicate.
3.2 If buyer places an order for the first time, an ordering limit of valid
€ 250.00

Article 4 Payments and collection costs
4.1 Payment shall be made within 14 days of the invoice date, in accordance with
Agreement or invoice and within the indicated deadlines.
4.2 Payment is made without deduction or debt compared to the account of Seller
4.3 Payment can be made in various ways, and indicated during
the ordering process. When paying by bank giro or deemed payment date
the date on which the payment is credited.
4.4 Appeals against any costs and the amount of the purchase price
postpone the payment obligation is not on.
4.5 If buyer to perform his obligations under the contract
failed, he is in default by operation of law. The seller is then 1%
Interest per month guilty If a direct health warning
should not send because the buyer within the payment period and in 4.1
mentioned, will be paid to buyer by the open call and
Interest only pay € 2.50 each time exclusive of VAT administrative costs.
4.6 Direct Health is entitled to the orders made by buyers
first draw of the costs made by Direct Health from then
to pay off the interest and finally the purchase price. Direct health
may, without being in default, to refuse a payment offer if
Buyer suggests a different order. Direct health can also
refuse to complete eradication, if it does not open and the current
Be paid interest and costs.
4.7 If Buyer is in default with the payment shall take all reasonable
Cost, to make the direct health to receive the payment to
Borne by the purchaser. If it is a claim that is buyer
In any case, the costs of collection guilty.
4.8 If Direct Health has incurred higher costs, these also go to
Borne by the purchaser.

Article 5 Delivery time
5.1 Delivery of the products takes place when the products are delivered
can the risk of the products will only pass on to the buyer.
5.2 Direct Health will deliver the products within 3-5 working days
5.3 The delivery times stated are indicative and not considered
Deadline. Exceeding any delivery period shall entitle the
Customers not to bring a claim for damage compensation, the
To cancel your order or dissolve the agreement, unless the
Delay in delivery is such that the customer legitimately
can not be required that he holds on to the agreement. The customer is
in this case entitled to cancel the order or the contract
resolve, as far as necessary. Any, already paid amounts
will be refunded.
5.5 If the product is returned, the shipping and
Administrative costs billed.

Article 6 Prices
6.1 The prices of products or services are of direct health
in euro, including VAT and excluding shipping and
Administrative costs.
6.2 The purchase price is the prevailing price at the delivery date.
6.3 The prices can be changed at any time by Direct health.
Direct health is determined to change its prices if legal
Regulations as well as amendment of value added tax, recipes,
Costs, tariffs, market conditions, range composition or
other things justify a price change.

Article 7 Warranty
7.1 Direct health guarantees that the products delivered to the identified
Requirements and standards.
7.2 If the goods delivered the set requirements and standards
not comply, the buyer can appeal concerned

Article 8 Review, advertising
8.1 Once the products are delivered, the buyer should check Delivery
to ensure that supply meets the requirements.
8.2 Any visible defects must be made within 7 days of receipt
be reported in writing to the delivery of direct health, indicating
the order data and invoice numbers.
8.3 Hidden defects must be 7 days after discovery but within
Reported 3 months after delivery at Direct Health.
8.4 If Direct Health finds that delivery actually not the
Agreement corresponds Direct health is depending on the choice of the sum
pay back (under the condition that buyer paid) or the
Replace product.
8.5 If buyers do not want to buy a product without defects nevertheless, can
Purchaser to return the product within 7 days of delivery.
The product is unopened, in original packaging, sealed and
be undamaged. The cost of the return freight borne by the buyer.
Unstamped items are not in receipt of direct health
8.6 If buyer has already paid for the products is the direct health
amount paid after receipt of the return freight (subject to the limits
Article 8.5) repay within 30 days.

Article 9 Liability
9.1 If the products and services delivered by Health Direct
are defective, the seller is liable only limited (Article 7
Not in: 9.2 Direct Health shall not be liable in the following cases
proper application of intent or gross negligence of Buyer
when products or humidity, extreme heat, cold or drought
are exposed.
9.3 Direct Health is not liable for a misunderstanding, damages,
Caused delays or erroneous orders and notifications
of use of computers, telephone, internet or other
Means of communication between buyer and direct health or
between Direct Health and parties, provided there is no intent or gross
Neglect concerns.

Article 10 Retention of title
10.1 Direct health remains the owner of the products supplied; the
Ownership does not pass to the buyer after buyer
Direct Health has paid all amounts contractually entitled.
10.2 Prior ownership of the products passes to the buyer, buyer is not
entitled to sell the products, encumber, dispose of or otherwise
to charge.

Article 11 Property rights
11.1 The client acknowledges that all intellectual Direct health
Ownership of the given information, illustrations, messages
or other expressions concerning the products and / or regarding the
Internet site has.
11.2 Direct Health can not guarantee that the products delivered
no interference with the (unwritten) property rights of others

Article 12 Force Majeure
12.1 Force majeure of any sub is independent of direct health will
Fact to understand the performance of its obligations to the customer
to wholly or partly prevented. Direct health is then
entitled to implement the agreement without judicial mediation of
or completely or partially solve, without being liable for damages.
12.2 Direct Health is not liable for damages if their direct health
Obligations due to force majeure can not meet.
12.3 Under 12.1 Force majeure in this article is of any direct health
Will be understood independent fact of the fulfillment of their
Obligations towards the Customer wholly or partially prevented. To
Those factors include, inter alia strikes, fires, breakdowns,
Power outages, non-delivery or untimely delivery of
Suppliers or other third parties, and turned on the lack Eventual
einzuholender regulatory approvals. Furthermore, as a power
Breakdown of a (telecommunication) network or a compound
or shared communication systems and / or
Unavailability of the Website at any time to
12.4 If upon the occurrence of Direct Health Force Majeure already a
Had fulfilled part of its obligations or may meet later, is
Separately provide direct health in this part and is intended buyer
meet his / her obligations as if it were a separate

Article 13 Solution
13.1 Direct Health is authorized to compliance with the obligations
immediately and directly to resolve or postpone the agreement (without
to be liable for damages) if the buyer commitments
not, not completely or fails to comply in time. Or if circumstances
occur, of such a nature that compliance with the agreement impossible
or maintaining unchanged the agreement Direct health
can hardly be reasonably expected.
13.2 When is bankruptcy, guardianship, legal tender postponement
Direct health justified the execution of the agreement completely
or partially to set out without being liable for damages.

Article 14 Various
14.1 If any provision of these Terms is unlawful, it is
lapse of Direct Health and by a similar provision
14.2 The invalidity of any provision of these conditions has no
Effect on the remaining terms.
14.3 If Direct health over shorter or longer time variations of
these Terms and Conditions has tolerated so it does not touch her the right, but
to demand immediate and strict compliance with the terms and conditions. The customer can
Never rely on a right due to the fact that
Direct Health Conditions has applied flexibly.
14.4 Direct Health is authorized to execute the order of Third

Article 15 Change of address
15.1 Buyer shall be obliged to inform in writing direct health related
on change of address or relocation.
15.2 If Buyer fails to notify Direct Health, purchaser shall be liable
still for all obligations in relation to the products of the old
Address to be sent.

Article 16 Applicable law and disputes
16.1 All rights, obligations, offers, orders and agreements, the
The present terms and conditions are valid for the present and Conditions
exclusively by Dutch law.
16.2 All disputes between the parties will be exclusively the
submitted to the competent court in the district of Rotterdam
Article 17 Depot
17.1 The terms of sale have been deposited at the Chamber of Commerce and
available. The conditions may also via www.Direkte-Gesundheit.de
be downloaded (PDF).
17.2 Direct Health is entitled to these Conditions and the General
Changing conditions.
17.3 If an agreement is able to is the most current version
(Internet) applicable.

Direct Health, January 2012

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